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Robert Thomas GODWIN

25th Apr 1834 - 1st Jan 1895


Life History:

25th Apr 1834

Born in Rotherhithe,Bermondsey,Surrey,England.

16th May 1834

Christened in St Mary Rotherhithe,,Surrey,England.

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Brixton (eastern division),Lambeth,Surrey,England.

30th Mar 1851

Occupation Coopers Apprentice in St George in the East,,,England.

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in St George in the East,,,England.

23rd Mar 1856

Married Susan MOCOCK in Christ Church,Bermondsey,Surrey,England.

about 1857

Birth of daughter Susan GODWIN in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

about 1859

Birth of son Robert GODWIN in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

about 1861

Birth of daughter Jane GODWIN in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.


Birth of daughter Sarah GODWIN.

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Cooper in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

about 1862

Birth of son William GODWIN in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

about 1864

Birth of daughter Charlotte GODWIN.

about 1866

Birth of son Edward GODWIN in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

about 1867

Birth of daughter Elizabeth GODWIN in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

6th Aug 1869

Birth of daughter Alice GODWIN in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

2nd Apr 1871

Occupation Cooper in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

about 1874

Birth of daughter Susan GODWIN.

3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Bromley St Leonard,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

3rd Apr 1881

Occupation Carpenter in Bromley St Leonard,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

5th Apr 1891

Occupation Cooper in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

1st Jan 1895

Died in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

Other facts:


Occupation Cooper.


  • Very likely record found on familysearch. This is source of data for birth date and christening date.

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