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William Ford HALL

1st Sep 1791 -


Life History:

1st Sep 1791

Born in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

Found at LMA (St Anne Limehouse). Baptism date is 25 Sep 1791; age given as 25 days.

25th Sep 1791

Baptised in St Anne Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

Found at LMA, film X097/25. Date of baptism given as 25 Sep 1791; age given 25 days. Parents listed as Willam and Ann.

about 1816

Birth of daughter Mary HALL.

about 1819

Birth of son Edward R HALL.

26th Oct 1824

Birth of daughter Sarah Peace HALL in Limehouse,Stepney,Middlesex,England.

about 1826

Birth of son Thomas HALL.

about 1829

Birth of son Henry HALL.

about 1832

Birth of son James HALL.

about 1838

Birth of son Frederick HALL.

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Poplar All Saints,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

6th Jun 1841

Occupation Shipwright in Poplar All Saints,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

before Mar 1851

Death of Mary (HALL).

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

30th Mar 1851

Occupation Shipwright in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Shipwright in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

Other facts:


Occupation Shipwright.


Married Mary (HALL).


Married Anne (HALL).

Anne is listed in 1861 census as wife of William but he is believed to have been a widower at the time of the 1851 census.


  • Birth details from 1861 census, where listed as age 64 (possibly 69), shipwright, born Limehouse
  • Sarah Peace Hall is identified as the mother of Eliza Lydia Colvin from Eliza lydia's birth certificate in Feb-1847. On the marriage certificate of Sarah Peace Hall and Thomas Colvin, Sarah's father is listed as William Ford Hall, a shipwright. Sarah's age is given as 46 on the 1871 census and consistently as 56 on the 1881 census. We can therefore reasonably estimate Sarah's birth as being in 1824/5.

    Thus far the records are reasonably definitive and convincing but tracing Sarah's father William is a little harder. The best match in the 1841 census that has been found is for a William Hall, Shipwright age 45, living in Ashton Street (Poplar All Saints). With him is Mary (45), and Edward (20), Mary (25), Sarah (15), Thomas (14), Henry (11), James (8), Frederick (2). The 1841 census does not give relation to head of house but it is probably reasonable to assume that Mary is his wife and most of the others are his children (with possibly Mary as mother). The presence of William as shipwright and Sarah at the right age strongly suggest this is the correct entry. At present the entries in this file assume this relationship.

    The best match in the 1851 census lists William Hall, Shipwright, age 59, a widower born in Limehouse. With him are son Henry (19, apprentice Shipwright), son James 17 (apprentice shipwright), Frederick (11, scholar) and two other young residents Robert (?) (age 10, errand boy relationship unspecified) and Margaret Holworth (age 20, servant). These names, occupations  and ages are consistent with the 1841 census entry identified.

    An entry has also been found in the 1861 census for William F Hall. In this he is listed as age 69, a shipwright but now present is wife Anne from Glenmarthen Wales and also present is son Edward R Hall, his wife Eliza and their children. This is consistent on age occupation and even middle initial, so is probably a correct match.

    These entries are currently assumed to be correct but some further confirmation would be desirable given commonality of Hall surname. Ideally we should find at least:

    Death record of first wife Mary in 1840s
    Re-marriage of William (to Anne) in 1850s
    Baptism record for Sarah Peace in 1824-6 period

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