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31st May 1889 - 19th May 1955

Train Driver

Life History:

31st May 1889

Born in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

1st Aug 1889

Baptised in Saint Mary Bromley Saint Leonard,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

ref LMA X085/147

5th Apr 1891

Occupation Scholar in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

24th Dec 1911

Married Jane Susan WHIPPY in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

The marriage, on christmas eve 1911 was two days before Jane's twenty-first birthday.

24th Dec 1911

Occupation Fireman N.L.R.

Recorded on MC with Jane Whippy

9th May 1913

Birth of daughter May J HOLLINGTON in Bromley ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

20th Feb 1916

Birth of son Albert Edwin HOLLINGTON in Bromley,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

23rd May 1918

Birth of son Arthur Joseph HOLLINGTON in Bromley,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

about Jun 1922

Death of son Arthur Joseph HOLLINGTON.

22nd Jun 1923

Birth of daughter Lily Eliza HOLLINGTON in Bromley,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

17th May 1925

Birth of son Frank George HOLLINGTON in Bromley,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

about Jun 1926

Death of son Frank George HOLLINGTON in ,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

25th Apr 1927

Birth of daughter Sheila Patricia Iris HOLLINGTON in Bromley,Poplar,Middlesex,England.

9th May 1931

Birth of son James Thomas HOLLINGTON in Bromley, Poplar,Middlesex,England.

19th May 1955

Died in East Ham,,Essex,England.

Other facts:


Occupation Train Driver.


Number of marriages 1.


Number of children 11.

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