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Gustave Charles SENGER

about 1869 - 7th Dec 1910

Stevedores Labourer

Life History:

about 1869

Born in ,,Prussia, Germany.


Emigrated in Stettin,Pommern,Prussia,Germany.

19th May 1873

Immigrated in New York City, County New York, New York,USA.

Arrived travelling under name of Gustaw Segner, travelling with mother, Henriette, brothers William and Frederick and sister Helene. The ship was the

4th Jun 1880

Occupation Apprentice Carpenter in New York City, County New York, New York,USA.

4th Jun 1880

Recorded in census in New York City, New York,New York, USA.

Mar 1901

Other event.. in ,West Ham,Essex,England.

Listed as Augustus Sanger

31st Mar 1901

Occupation Stevedore/ Dock Labourer in ,West Ham,Essex,England.

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in ,West Ham,Essex,England.

22nd Dec 1901

Married Emily WATSON in St Columba Parish church Wanstead,West Ham,Essex,England.

24th Jul 1902

Birth of daughter Ethel Mary SENGER.

31st May 1905

Birth of son Gustav Charles SENGER in Stratford,West Ham,Essex,England.

11th Oct 1908

Birth of daughter Doris Emily SENGER.

7th Dec 1910

Died in ,West Ham,Essex,England.

Other facts:


Occupation Stevedores Labourer.


  • MH 19-sep-2004

    Emily Slater is the mother of Gustav Charles Senger to husband Gustave Charles Senger. Their marriage certificate dated 22-Dec-1901 lists her age as 34, a widow  and living at 49 Cruickshank Road (see MC). Gustave Charles Senger is listed as a batchelor of 32 and at the same address and a River side labourer (On BC of son Gustav in 1905 he lists himself as Stevedore labourer). To date there is no trace of Gustave in England in census or BMD records. The 1901 census shows Emily Slater age 34 living at 49 Cruickshank Road in a household, head Albert Wright, her brother-in-law (see 1901 census image). In the house as a visitor at the same time is Augustus Sanger of 32 and a Stevedore Dock Labourer. It is almost certainly a mis-read for Gustave Senger. He i lited a born in America and an American subject
  • Origin Unknown.

    The first record of Gustave Charles in England is his marriage to the widow Emily Slater (nee Watson) in December 1901. See notes on Emily Watson for almost certain identification of mis-entered Augustus Sanger in 1901 census.
  • Date of birth (1869) is deduced from age at marriage (32) in 1901 and age at death 41 in 1910.

    This person seems to be same as the Gustav Saenger age 13 listed as living in New York in 1880 census

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